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 You will recieve a 46"x 1" 1. 25 lb. collapsible red and white or blue and white decorated CHulaHoop, balanced, sturdy, built for years of quality service with all american made materials.

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Chulahoops USA. Proudly Dallas Based

CHulaHoop Original

  • Chula Hoop original is the time tested size over 85% of first timers can succesfully sustain with minimal effort, the remaining of which may need some extra instruction or larger Chula Hoop Extreme. This ChulaHoop Original is a 46x1.25 decorated dimension with several proprietary balance areas to encourage sustaining spins. 

  • We want you to be satisfied in every way with your ChulaHoops products. We guarantee the quality and integrity of every item we ship to you so we can recieve them back if damaged in transit. We do not guarantee them for abuse, neglect or misuse but do guarantee their usefulness as a product. If you have any problems please email us and we will work to satisfy you.

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