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What is a CHulaHoop?

Step into the 21st century with ChulaHoops USA. Every Body Can Do It!!

 If you have never been able to hula hoop before, it was not your fault. It was fault of the hoop. Our premium super sparkly hoops are made in USA and sold in over 50 independent toy stores coast to coast.

Why are CHulaHoops different?

All of our products are rule by the geometry concept of Toroidal Equilibrium. That means they are balanced to have success.

 ChulaHoops are a time tested product.


When one increases the size of the hoop at the same time increases the rate of success at first try.

Would  a ChulaHoop fit inside my suitcase?

We have solved the biggest dilemma around the most popular plastic novelty in the world. Shipping and storage.
Our time tested ChulaHoop Original has transformed into segments to fit perfectly in a 6'' x 2.5'' x 21'' box.

Making traveling and  storing your hula hoop convenient and easy.

Get your Chulahoop in a box HERE

Which size would work for me?

We got sizes for Every Body!
 The ChulaHoop Original is perfect for average adults, plus & tall kids and special needs.

The ChulaHoop Extreme was designed for Plus & Tall adults, people entering the weight lost routine. Athletes and kids who like big things are huge fans of the Extreme ChulaHoop.

Are the ChulaHoops weighted?

ChulaHoop's weight is distributed through the tubing wall for perfect balance. We do not add metal components, water or sand inside the hoop. 

I would like to start ChulaHooping.

Where can I find classes?

Click HERE to learn more about our online classes

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