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Manufacturer of the Month 

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July 2020

 Naturally Promotes Social Distancing making it the perfect passtime for 2020! Every Body Can Do It! It’s not opinion, it’s geometry.

 Toroidal Equilibrium is the secret. ChulaHoops knows, they hooped with over 20,000 people during R&D.


  If you have never been able to hoop before, it was not your fault. It was the fault of the hoop. Yesterday’s hoop worked for less than a third of the population. ChulaHoops USA makes premium quality hula hoops that are sized and designed for success. ChulaHoops work for 85% on the first try.


ChulaHoops come in three sizes. The Extreme ChulaHoop is ideal for Plus, Tall, Athletes, People who could never hoop before and People who love BIG things.The Original ChulaHoop is for Average Adults and Plus or Tall Children.Junior ChulaHoop is for Children under 42”, Rythmic gymnastics and Advanced Flow Arts.

   "The right size" ChulaHoop means you will be able to sustain it. On Line Classes & Challenges are available for All Ages. HERE.


Enjoy all the benefits to your body, mind and spirit! ChulaHooping Builds Core Strength, Refines Motor Skills, Aids Balance, Improves Posture, Promotes Well being and Improves Comprehension and Creativity.

ChulaHoops come in Three Color Collections: Red, White & Blue, Retro Fruit Stripe and Festival featuring Sparkly & UV Glow.

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See models hooping for the first time HERE!

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Now you can get the famously successful, high quality, Original ChulaHoop in a Box. It is convertible, 3 sizes in 1. It is Perfect in size and balance, easiest to use ever with Compact interlocking ribs. ChulaHoops in boxes make merchandising easy. ChulaHoops concentric labeling/hanging system makes it easy to display hoops in a window, on a wall or from the ceiling.

The ChulaHoop Starz are available for performances and events of all sizes. Visit our website to see how it all started in the jungle of Costa Rica

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