If you have never been able to sustain the hula hoop before

It was not your fault. 

It was the fault of the hoop!

When the hoop is the right size for your body like your shoes or your clothes.

It is easy to do. It's not opinion.

It's geometry.

 Toroidal Equilibrium.

ChulaHoops offer success on the first try to 85% of users versus the "traditional" hoop worked for less than one third of the users because of it's poor design.

HAND MADE in the USA of Food Grade HDPE

Like milk jugs

Our unique designs make the CHulaHoop & Extreme CHulaHoop

so perfect you will succeed on the first try.

The "Chula" in CHulaHoop means "Beautiful"

That's how it looks and how it feels!

Please see our amazing products, moving testimonies and join our happy community

of "CHulaHoopers" enjoying this healthy activity and order yours Today!

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ChulaHoops are produced by ChulaHoopsUSA, 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd. Dallas, Texas, 75219, 

Email: chulahoopsusa@yahoo.com