ChulaHoop TV

Parks and Recreation

Fun for Every Body of All Ages

Expected Outcome / Measurables

  • Increased stamina, balance and flexibility.

  • Improved posture, circulation, motor skills and mood.

  • Loss of anxiety, weight and general malaise.

  • Increased comprehension.

  • Stimulate creativity and energetic flow.

Relief to sedentary isolation 

Screen Free Play

Learn Spanish / Aprende Ingles

Connect with your community

Over 10 hours a month

Easy Online Access

Phone and on line chat support for hoopers 

New Content Weekly in English & Spanish

One Month Program Subscription  


Target Audience is Active Senior Adults

(ambulatory and non ambulatory)

Teens and Pre Teen.

Citywide participation with focus on marginal zones

Classes available 24/7 online on CHulaHoop TV

Unlimited quantity of participants per class

Get the starter Pack of ChulaHoops for your Program HERE

100 special edition hoops


50 special edition hoops


​​Your Subscription includes:


1- Hoop Play Classes: 45 minutes  Warm Up, Exercises, Drills, Choreography, 

                                                                Soul Train Dance Line Prep, Cool Down.                   


2- Happy Breaks: 15 minutes   Warm Up, Hoop Jam and Cool Down.


3- Bust a Move: 3 minutes of Tricks Instructions.


4- Hoop Stretch: 7  minutes of Warm Up & Stretch.


5- Posture & Positivity:   3 minutes of Balance and Being.


6- Live Hoop Jam 60 minutes  of  Interactive Hoop Jam on Zoom.​