Teacher Training 


Teacher Training not only teaches you how to hula hoop. You are going to learn how to teach hula hoop.
By the end of the training you will know how to organize and lead an engaging class with your students 


Designed for Success 

CHula improved the most popular plastic novelty of all times making it easy for Every Body to enjoy. If you have never been able to sustain the hula hoop before. It was not your fault. It was the fault of the hoop!

It is easy to do. It's not opinion.

It's geometry. Toroidal Equilibrium.

CHulaHoops USA offers success on the first try to 85% of users versus the "traditional" hoop worked for less than one third of the users because of its poor design.



Hula Hoop Family
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CHulaHoop Class

 This class produces physical results (eye-hand coordination, flexibility and cardio) and is mentally grounding (meditation, reflexology points, dopamine and enphorpins uptake)

We star will a warm up, do exercises, drills, choreography, tricks and finish with a cool down.

All ages and Body types are welcome to our multilevel curriculum.

 Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased stamina, balance and flexibility.

  • Improved posture, circulation, motor skills and mood.

  • Loss of anxiety.

  • Loss of weight and general malaise.

  • Increased comprehension.

  • Stimulate creativity and energetic flow.

 CHulaHoops is Dallas based and offers teacher support to ensure fun and engagement. There are CHulaHoops for  all ages and levels (performance hoops for dance, gymnastics, cheer and outreach mentorship). Proudly made in Texas.

Components of a CHulaHoop Class

Warm Up.

Waist Hooping (Dominant Side).



Waist Hooping (Less Dominant Side)

Soul Train Dance Line.

Cool Down.


* Images taken out of CFBISD's Optimizing Outcomes Teacher Training. To watch the entire class click HERE 

Class Resources


Benefits of CHulaHooping

- Low impact aerobic exercise.

- Glands and joints activation.

- Increases neurogenesis (neuronal activity).

- Aids the musculoskeletal system.

- Increases reflexes and balance.

- Advocates off screen play.

- Nurtures laughter and social skills.

- Promotes weight loss, lymphatic drainage & self esteem.